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1. What is the specialism Eastcom make?
Eastcom is  experienced in many kinds of simple or complex  molds in Automotive ,Electronic ,Home Appliances ,Consumer Plastic ,Office Equipments Pruducts.
2. What is the range in weight you can handle making molds?
We can make  from small precision to large up to 10  ton molds.
3. How about the tolerance?
Mold tolerance is 0.01 mm, Product tolerance is 0.025mm.
4. What steel do you usually use ?
We usually use steel of P20, H-13,S-7,420,420SS, NAK80, 1.2311,1.2738, 1.2343/1.2344, 1.2083, 1.2316, etc.
5. What standard components do you usually use? 
We use standard components from LKM, DAIDO, HASCO, DME. (Hot Runner: MOLD MASTER、HRS、HUSKY、DME、HASCO、INCOE、THERMOPLAY、YUDO, etc.)
6. What do you need for quotation?
We need 2D part drawing & 3D drawing, and specific mold or part requirements. 2D File Format dwg /dxf /pdf/jpg , 3D Model Format step /x_t /igs /prt.
7. How about your mold payment?
Mold payment terms:40% at order, 40% at first payment, 20% before shipping the mould.
8. How about your part payment terms?
Part payment terms: 50% at order, 50% before shipping the products.
9. What’s your after sales?
After sell, our customer’s mold drawings and the whole  data will be kept in database for 6 years at least.so that when you need our technical support or service,we can be easy and possible to serve you and your customers.
If you have any other question please feel  free to call or email  us, wellcom to contact us!

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